Sunday, February 10, 2013 Advent Challenge Results

Well, the results of the Conquest Advent Challenge are in! From the Conquest Leaders Newsletter from January:

There were a total of 19 Programs signed up for the Contest. Everybody who played learned key things about their Catholic faith and everyone had fun.

Congratulations to the winners of the Conquest Advent Contest 2012 at! This year's competition was a very close race between Marvin Duarte's Junior Program at Holy Rosary in Milton, Ontario and David Wilson's Junior Program at Holy Rosary in Pickering, Ontario. In fact, only 13 points separated the two Programs! Marvin Duarte's Juniors achieved a grand total of 10,307 CQ-IQ points at 85% accuracy rate.

David Wilson's Juniors made 10,295 CQ-IQ points at a 78.6% accuracy rate! Wow! What a competition that went right down to the wire on Christmas Eve! There was some strategy employed by both the Duarte and Wilson Programs, but they both get credit for playing themes across the board. Accuracy really helps in the total scoring as can be seen by the fact that Holy Rosary outscored Holy Redeemer even though the one played fewer games - 622 to the other at 1,016. Andrew Serafini's Father/Son Program from St. James in Calgary gets honorable mention because of achieving the highest percent correct score even though the Program played significantly fewer games. Congratulations to everyone that participated in this year's Advent Contest.

Our program achieved a grand total of.....607 points. Needless to say, we will need to seriously step up our game if we hope to take on our brothers North of the border! 

Good news: the next Contest kicks off
on Ash Wednesday, February 13. Let's be prepared this time.

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