Friday, February 3, 2012

Help the St. Louis Center win $100K!

Some of us visited the St. Louis Center (near Chelsea) the other day on a field trip. What remarkable, saintly work they do there! 
Here is a great opportunity for St. Louis Center in Chelsea to receive a gift of $100,000! Please register at the link below and vote every day for U of M basketball coach John Beilein. You must be 18 to register. Voting ends on February 27th. This is a simple way for us to help out a great Catholic organization in our community!

Your votes would allow them to build a new outdoor sports & recreation area where today there is literally a slab of old, cracked asphalt! The residents of SLC deserve a dignified place to have some fun...

St. Louis Center Partners with Coach Beilein in $100,000 Charity Challenge!!

Click on to vote!!!!

In the formative years of St. Louis Center, basketball was a favorite sport of the young boys who occupied the hallways of this unique residential care center west of Chelsea, MI. The boys’ teams of the 60’s were renowned for their basketball skills, and regularly took on the local teams in the area. Now basketball has taken center stage again, as St. Louis Center has been selected by basketball Coach John Beilein of the University of Michigan to participate in the “Infinity Coaches’ Charity Challenge” beginning on Wednesday January 18, 2012 at, at 3 p.m.
Forty-eight basketball coaches were chosen from throughout the United States to participate in this contest, and each coach was asked to select his favorite charity. Coach Beilein selected St. Louis Center for this honor. The teams will be divided into four regions, and the winner of each region will face–off in a “Final Four” when the winners are announced on February 28th. The Final Four winners will then compete in a “winner take all” runoff vote for $100,000.
Voting begins on January 18th, and to vote you must establish a personal account at and click-on the Infinity Coaches’ Charity Challenge. From there, you locate the photograph of Coach John Beilein with the words “St. Louis Center” underneath, and cast your vote. You can vote once-a-day through the end of the regional on February 27th. Voting will then commence for the Final Four winners until a winner is declared on March 8, 2012.
According to Fr. Enzo Addari, Administrator of St. Louis Center, “Coach Beilein visited St. Louis Center on January 2nd with his wife, Kathleen, and had an opportunity to visit with several of our residents. He seemed to be very moved by his experience here, and we are honored that he has chosen us for this contest.” For more information about St. Louis Center, please visit A link will be set-up on January 18th that will take you directly to, and you may also vote through your facebook and twitter accounts.

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