Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rosary for the Bishop

In an earlier post we mentioned the need to follow our true shepherds in the Church. Of course, these are the Pope and the other Bishops in communion with him. In recent years here in Michigan, we have been blessed with some of the most extraordinary Bishops to be found anywhere! Heaven knows that our good Bishops are under fire for standing up for our Catholic Faith nowadays.
What can we do about it?
Support them with our prayers!

Rosary for the Bishop is a campaign that aims to support Catholic Bishops through prayer of the Rosary. Please take a few minutes to join in praying for your Bishop (and any others that you wish to include).

The website makes it so simple to find bishops, schedule your rosary, and set up automatic reminders! I have added this to the links section on the right-hand column of the blog.

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  1. When I first learned about this apostolate, I signed up to pray a rosary for Bishop Boyea on the first Saturday of every month. Recently, I added additional rosaries:
    2nd Saturday for Bishop Sample (Marquette)
    3rd Saturday for Archbishop Vigneron (Detroit)
    4th Saturday for Bishop Hebda (Gaylord)