Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Another Tiring Night at Conquest!

On November 17th, we had one of our most heavily-attended meetings in a long while! It was great to see 20 boys and 10 dads present for a fun, educational, evening. We welcomed Joshua and Jonathan to Conquest for the first time. After a brutal series of tug-o-war contests among the boys, Mr. Borek and Mr. Frederick taught them how to change a car tire.

Later, the Junior and Father-and-Son groups prepared posters that demonstrated what they have learned about SELF-DISCIPLINE over the last few meetings. The young guys presented their ideas with courage and enthusiasm to a panel of "celebrity" peer judges, who were selected from among the older Club group. The judges (who themselves were once in the youngsters' shoes) scored the contest with fairness and flair! The creativity of these guys really shined through that night!


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