Friday, December 7, 2012 Advent Challenge is Underway!

Our Conquest Club has an annual membership for an interactive website with games and quizzes that build religious understanding, curiosity and confidence in learning our faith tradition. Every Conquest member has 24/7 access to the entire website with over 7,500 Church-approved Q+A presented in 14 easy to access quiz games.


Who:         All the clubs in North America can compete against each other!
What:       Choose from more than a dozen quiz games playable in 2-minutes or less to earn CQ-IQ points for your club!
When:       Login and play everyday between November 28th and December 24th
Winner:    The club with the most CQ-IQ points for games played and questions answered correctly will win a PIZZA PARTY!

As the boys play online, they will accrue CQ-IQ points (for their club) across ten different knowledge categories and four challenge levels. Our club will earn points for every game played and every question answered correctly (15 points possible in most games).  Play after school, play for a study break, play in carpool on iPhone and iTouch. Play one game or more each day of Advent – like your own personal Advent Calendar.
1.      Go to
2.      Click on Login in the upper right hand corner
3.      Enter your assigned login and password
4.      Click Login to land on your clubs MyCQ page
5.      Choose a game, check your Scorekeeper – EXPLORE THE SITE!
6.      No cost to individual boys!

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