Friday, November 22, 2013


I stumbled upon the following article by James Stenson about raising children to be virtuous. Here are some excerpts:

To say that parents should raise their children right is to say that the children need to be formed in character. The children need to grow in what the ancients called the “virtues.” In today's terms these are called “strengths of character.” We know them when we see them in others. They are the habitual deeply rooted powers of mind and will that direct the course of a life nobly lived...

But though there are no formulas as such in successful family life, there are certain approaches and values that turn up again and again among these widely varying families. Let me set out these traits for you here, the features I have found in common among successful parents. And please let me put them directly in the form of advice. When young parents have asked me what they should do in family life to raise their children, well, I have advised them as follows:

1.) Bear in mind: you are raising adults, not children.
2.) Work as a unified team: put your spouse first.
3.) Practice “affectionate assertiveness” with your children.
4.) Do not permit what you disapprove of.
5.) Teach them habitual courtesy, good manners toward everyone.
6.) Do not let the media win as rivals for your children's minds and hearts.
7.) Cultivate a sense of personal and family honor.
8.) Finally, bind family life with prayer.

...Confidence in God's help will give strength to your tasks as parents. When you turn to Him to help you go beyond your limitations, you can count on His loving help. He never leaves the prayers of loving parents unanswered.

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