Friday, December 6, 2013

...Like Tongues of Fire

We had another amazing meeting on November 22nd. It began as any other, but then...

The boys and dads received a "no-knock" surprise visit from General Michael Archangel, who promptly brought the boys to attention. He reminded them that they are part of God's Army, and the battles against the Enemy are fierce and widespread. Hard Work and Faith are necessary for them to succeed on the field of battle. The Rosary and Scripture are the most powerful weapons they have at their disposal. 

The boys also were taught about fire safety by one of our expert dads, Mr. Frederick. This comprehensive lesson included everything from how to start a fire to how to prevent it from getting out of control. Boys and fire. Enough said.

During snack, Deacon Jerry shared with the boys his recent experience in Rome. He was there at the same time that the first-class relics of the first Pope, Saint Peter, were on display for the faithful to venerate. These were some of his bones that are normally kept in a crypt below the main altar in St. Peter's Basilica. Now they know how that Basilica got its name!
Dodgeball has become synonymous with Conquest
Finally, the boys were able to take what they learned about fire safety to the outdoors for some hands-on training. This was done in a very controlled way with plenty of dad supervision, of course! With all these Catholic boys and men gathered together around these fires, it was hard not to envision the Apostles at Pentecost:

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